Introducing BitPAC

The first functional Bitcoin Super PAC

Our current mission is to hold the establishment accountable for the disinformation and blatant corruption that the past electoral cycle has revealed and further combat corruption by integrating cryptocurrency into society.

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What is BitPac?

BitPAC is an independent expenditure-only committee, or more commonly known as a Super PAC , that is unique in its ability to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations (with plans to soon integrate the political currency Trumpcoin into the donation structure). BitPAC is designed to raise funds through Bitcoin in order to pay for the completion of certain goals in society. We can ensure that once people see the capabilities of Bitcoin it will become more widely accepted.

There is no surer path to the broad acceptance of Bitcoins as a fully legitimate currency - free of unreasonable government regulation - than integrating it in the government itself, as well as aligning cryptocurrency with the interests of the president himself.

More About Our Mission

More about our mission.


In the wake of one of the most editorialised and biased electoral media cycles in US history, much attention has been drawn to the credibility (or lack thereof) of the mainstream media. To combat this, a narrative of “fake news” has been constructed, a buzzword being used to delegitimise any information outlet that runs contrary to the narrative provided by the colluding media companies and their puppet outlets. It is the belief of BitPAC that this kind of dishonesty (which has on more than one occasion led to physical violence) should come with a price, a price we hope to make reflective of the irresponsibility of a demonstrably corrupt system. It is our hope and mission (among many) to raise significant funding to mount legal cases against these outlets and their subsidiaries on the very same grounds that they’re using to silence their opposition.

2017, A Year of Cryptocurrency Domination

Cryptocurrency may not dominate USD in the year 2017; however, there is no denying that crypto as a whole will make a much greater impact in the world (and going by current pricing already has).  A percentage of your donation will go towards a variety of cryptocurrency-oriented projects. These current projects include:
- Cryptocurrency ATMs, pushing for further legislative representation in regards to the legitimacy of cryptocurrency and to promote a stronger cognisance towards the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the American consciousness.
- TrumpCoin a coin project that aims to push crypto into the presidential agenda as a funding tool for political efforts conducive with the policies and ideals set by its namesake.
- Blockchain voting, a method of voting that utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain to prevent fraud and corruption.

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is designed to allow its users to have complete control over their money. Payments are non-reversible, accounts cannot be frozen, and transaction fees are much lower. Crooked banks cannot cheat the system to make a profit at the expense of the public.


The Bitcoin network provides users with protection against fraud such as chargebacks or unwanted charges, and bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit. Users can backup or encrypt their wallet, making it very difficult to steal or lose money in the future.


Bitcoin addresses are not tied to the identity of users on a protocol level. Anyone can create a new and completely random Bitcoin address withouth the need to submit any personal information to anyone. Transactions are not tied to the identity of users either.

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    “We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.”

    Tyler Winklevoss, Cofounder of Facebook

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    "Bitcoin is a techno tour de force."

    Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft.

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    "Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value."

    Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google